4 Head Kit

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The UltraLite ALS Turbo is the industry standard in hand-held forensic scene lighting.

One of the most powerful handheld solid-state forensic lights in the industry has just gotten more powerful, doubling its output. The industry standard UltraLite ALS is now the UltraLite ALS Turbo. Through the use of light interaction techniques, UltraLite ALS Turbo helps in the detection of trace evidence, body fluids, fingerprints, blood spatter, gunshot residues, and explosive accelerants. These substances may otherwise be difficult to detect against background materials so evidence can remain unseen. It can reveal subcutaneous bruising, injuries and wounds on bodies living and dead, and assist in the location of evidence containing DNA. Doubling the output power means greater levels
of evidence visualization.


  • The LEDs on the UltraLite ALS do not have delicate filaments and are not jar sensitive.
  • The expected lifetime of these LEDs is 50,000+ hours.
  • Solid State Light Producing Semiconductors (LPS).
  • Lamp Power is selectable with switch.
  • Lamp Output has four output settings (depending on head used).
  • Construction of the heads and handle are made of aluminum / magnesium alloy.
  • Each head contains a small cooling fan.
  • All of the new Turbo Heads are compatible with all of the existing UltraLite ALS handles, batteries, chargers, filters and other accessories.

1 UV Magnum Head
1 Green Turbo Head
1 Yellow Turbo Head
1 Red Turbo Head
1 Amber Glasses with bag
1 Red Glasses with bag
1 Yellow Glasses with bag

Dimensions of Head
Height: 2.25 in / 5.71 cm
Width: 1.75 in / 4.44 cm
Diameter: 1.75 in / 4.44 cm

Weight of Head
3.2 oz / 90.7 g

Do Not Submerge.

Warranted against defects in materials and manufacturing for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. The products contain no user serviceable parts. Any alteration, tampering, opening, or abuse voids the warranty. Please contact an authorized representative for warranty questions.
Clean using a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Use a cotton ball or swab and a mild glass cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the lenses. Avoid touching the lenses. Do not drop or apply blunt force . Store the product in the travel case if provided when not in use. To extend the life of the battery remove the battery if the unit is not going to be used for several days.