The CAO Group (CAO), is a world-leading high-technology company. CAO continues to lead innovation in the forensic light industry with the launch of the new UltraLite ALS Turbo heads. The UltraLite ALS and its Blue-Merge Technology (BMT™) are at the very pinnacle of cutting edge technology. The breakthroughs were so large in scope it took 4 separate US Patent applications to cover them all. The UltraLite ALS and its BMT cutting edge technology are changing the face of forensic science forever.

The UltraLite ALS has quickly become the NEW industry standard in forensic scene lighting. Its breakthrough BMT Technology far surpasses conventional UV and Argon scene lighting techniques, revealing substances in the field that once required days or even weeks of laboratory time to detect and classify. The UltraLite ALS provides real time, on-site detection and identification of multiple evidence types.

CAO’s UltraLite ALS forensic light system, is an industry standard and leading brand of forensic lights. The Turbo technology enhances detection of trace evidence, body fluids, fingerprints, blood spatter, gunshot residues and explosive accelerants. These substances may otherwise be difficult to detect against background materials so evidence can remain unseen. Additionally, the Turbo technology helps to reveal subcutaneous bruising, injuries and wounds on both living and dead bodies and assists in the location of evidence containing DNA.

“Our new UltraLite ALS Turbo forensic technology offers higher detection capabilities and represents the culmination of nearly a decade of forensic research and design,” said Dr. Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO. “Our scientists and developers have worked closely with forensics experts who have combined experience of more than 50 years to ensure we deliver the best system for efficient processing of crime scenes and evidence.”

The UltraLite ALS system’s main head, called the BMT Turbo head, is a universal evidence and crime scene processing light. The BMT Turbo head offers a wavelength spectrum that now shows more than 99.5 percent of detectable evidence, resulting in more efficient processing of crime scenes. The BMT Turbo head also produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor-based ALS.

The UltraLite ALS packs all of this functionality into a lightweight, battery-powered unit that’s rugged and ready for the field. The high-intensity LED light source puts up to 1000 milliwatts of selectable lamp power into an ergonomic, hand-held unit, at a price-point even the smallest of agencies can afford.

"The UltraLite ALS is the most versatile and the most valuable crime scene tool... It's easy to operate and is a very powerful light source."
~ Dr. Henry C. Lee